juliemrozman - researcher on embodiment and lived experience

My creative practice and research revolve around a contemplative sort of experience. I work with instruction, installation, site-specificity, photography, video, performance, architecture, object. My work is characterized by subtlety, a contemplative pace, a minimalism of means. I concern myself with perception, space, place, and time.

The interest is in slowing down, and in inviting a viewer to do the same. My mind is intensely inquisitive and sometimes frenetically-active. Give me a drag chute, a timescale much larger than the momentary, a breath of embodied experience, a respite within a culture of instant gratification, hurry, impatience, and demanded productivity. To enter the site, click one of the images below.

I also practice architecture, and welcome opportunities to bring the same pacing and conceptual/philosophical approach to more permanent constructions, less temporarily inhabited. To learn more about my professional experience and qualifications, click here to head to linkedin.

from An Inadequate Demonstration of Brownian Motion

I play, find, collect, ruminate, and curate. I am intrigued by getting the most from the least. Sometimes I think my goal is to make something that is nothing.

untitled (twenty one hours)