julie m rozman
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Largely a matter of perception

My practice consists largely of contemplative pieces that either tend toward creating an experience (that would itself be contemplative or meditative) or that would point to such an experience, either as evidence or as representation. Observing the passage of time through subtleties of light is a common theme. In the end one observes through the lens of oneself; one observes oneself observing.

The phenomenology of the thing (that is created), and the ideas about which it coalesced, have been of primary importance, so I consider myself to be more a conceptual artist than anything else, and usually think of a piece as inclusive of its situation and context. You make the piece. That said, I work with site-specificity, installation, curation, photography, video, object, instruction, and text. I seek the sublime in the quotidian, and suspect that the difference between the two is largely a matter of perception.

Interests and activities, or, a brief self-portrait:

phenomenologies, landscape, ritual, the water, Fluxus, absurdity, the contemplative, the meditative, observation, the playful, a larger timescale. look, make, record, philosophize, order, arrange, curate, collect, reflect, design, consider.