j u l i e m r o z m a n

( n e w s i t e c o m i n g s o o n )

I do slow work. It's about experience: I am interested in slowing down, and in inviting a viewer to do the same. My mind is intensely inquisitive and sometimes frenetically-active. Give me a drag chute, a timescale much larger than the momentary, a breath of embodied experience, a respite within a culture of instant gratification, hurry, impatience, and demanded productivity.

My practice is characterized by quietness, stillness, a contemplative pace, a minimalism of means. I work through site-specificity, installation, photography, video, objects, and text. I am a philosopher. I strive for the sublime as much as the quotidian. I play, find, collect, ruminate, and curate. I concern myself with perception, space, place, and time. Sometimes I think my goal is to make something that is nothing.

c o n t a c t : j m r o z m a n [ a t ] g m a i l