j u l i e m r o z m a n

( n e w s i t e i n p r o g r e s s )

solo show doing things, April 2014

untitled (twenty one hours)

I do slow work. It's about experience: I am interested in slowing down, and in inviting a viewer to do the same. My mind is intensely inquisitive and sometimes frenetically-active. Give me a drag chute, a timescale much larger than the momentary, a breath of embodied experience, a respite within a culture of instant gratification, hurry, impatience, and demanded productivity.

My practice is characterized by quietness, stillness, a contemplative pace, a minimalism of means. I work through site-specificity, installation, photography, video, objects, and text. I am a philosopher. I strive for the sublime as much as the quotidian. I play, find, collect, ruminate, and curate. I concern myself with perception, space, place, and time. Sometimes I think my goal is to make something that is nothing.

from An Inadequate Demonstration of Brownian Motion

a l s o / a n d

Equally important and not conceptually (though in some regards visually) incoherent with the above, YOKO ONO FAN CLUB was conceived in the spirit of Fluxus, in the belief that absurdity, play, arbitrariness, and randomness (among other qualities) are forms of resistance to and negation of the modern elevation of Reason above all, viable and useful in the present day.
YOFC is/was an epic creativecuratorialresearch project culminating in an exhibition including opening reception and closing evening of performances. In this context, curating became using others' art as readymades in a conceptual construction.

from my curatorial project YOKO ONO FAN CLUB

My research interests include: phenomenologies (that is, phenomenology as a method as well as phenomenologies generally, and of the following), landscape, ritual, water, Fluxus, the absurd, the contemplative, the meditative, the playful, observation, a larger timescale.

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